In the South-East edge of Karditsa's plain, on the outskirts of the modern village Achilleio, 5km South-East of the city of Farsala, in an area with many streams, lies the Neolithic area of Achileio. Its dimensions are 200 ? 260 m and it sits atop a natural hill.



The life of this Neolithic settlement extends from the Early Neolithic period to the Middle Neolithic (6,500 to 5,500 BC).

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Originally the houses were subterranean, pile huts (start of Early Neolithic).

Later, in the middle of the 6th millennium BC houses are built freely in space, means at a distance from each other. Their exterior stone walls have been founded with a superstructure of wood and clay (technical pise).


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At the end of the sixth millennium BC pile-constructed huts are being built, with hearths for cooking and heating inside the house, but also in public places.

Outdoors, near a house, a vaulted oven was located, next to which a rectangular, elevated clay construction was, which is obviously related to the preparation of food.

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More specifically, during the transitional period from the Early Neolithic to Middle Neolithic period, large pile buildings arranged freely in space are used. Large public spaces located between them include fireplaces and vaulted ovens. In one case, an elevated, tilting, clay-made construction with four burners on it and another one on its side, was found near an oven. The presence of food-preparing structures in open areas suggests their use from neighboring households.

The years during the Middle Neolithic period mark a change in both the orientation and structure of materials found in houses. Now they are built with stone foundations and clay-made superstructure and consist of two rooms. In addition to houses, the interiors have clay-made structures along the walls, called benches.

The settlement of Achilleio is abandoned before the end of the Middle Neolithic period.

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